But First, Join SSU PRSSA

By Amanda Hayes, Managing Editor

There are rare rewarding feelings aside from finding a niche where you can be passionate about what you love with people who become your family. A sense of belonging by taking part in something that is rewarding and fun. As corny as that may sound, this is what joining the club SSU PRSSA has meant in my academic and personal endeavors.

The Public Relations Student Society of America(PRSSA), specifically our chapter SSU PRSSA, has been extremely beneficial in my career at Salem State for many reasons. To live up to my communications roots, let me pitch why SSU PRSSA can be great for you (Yes you the reader just waiting to join our chapter)!

But first, what’s it all about?

The mission statement of the Public Relations Student Society of America, according to their website is  “foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications that seek to advance the public relations profession by nurturing generations of future professionals.”

SSU PRSSA specifically strives to also prepare for career development with resume building, workshops and games that get us to practice skills needed in the communications field. We discuss good and bad public relations that we see on the news and discuss how we would handle the situation. Let me elaborate on what our club has to offer.

1. Professional Development – Joining this group can help you to develop in the professional world. It is important to think of career-building skills to prepare for that scary adult world that inevitably comes in four years. SSU PRSSA is really focused on helping prepare for this by doing workshops focusing on fixing resumes, business cards and even how to stay sharp for an interview!

2. Networking events – Our club is focused on getting speakers and making connections since that really is what the world of public relations is all about! We have had several speakers (even including Michael Bourne from Tumblr) and panels to where we focus on reaching our scope as far out as possible.Who knows, you may even find you a connection with someone you didn’t think you would be able to otherwise.


3. Internship Opportunities – As if there could be another perk to joining SSU PRSSA, we even have first dibs to a lot of internship opportunities and can help with sorting out how to find an internship that is the perfect fit for you. Our members have done internships at a wide variety of places including Fire + Ice, in Washington D.C., the Peabody Essex Museum and many other places!

4. Explore Career Paths – This could be a great opportunity to learn more about the public relations field. Try a chance to get your work displayed on our published blog or even help other student organizations on campus. Each year we go to a national conference and regional conference in Boston. These are amazing opportunities to immerse yourself in the field of public relations and to even get to travel to new places. Last year, SSU PRSSA was able to go to Atlanta, Georgia.

To read up on what happened check it out here: https://ssuprssa.org/2015/11/09/pr-passion-relations/



5. Make friends!! – We are a tight bunch and even have a social during the semester to all be able to hang out outside of our meetings. The socials are a lot of fun anywhere from bowling to even a Paint Night that we organize!

So what are you waiting for? Come to our first meeting on Thursday, September 15 at 5:30 in CC 135! Or check us out on social media!


FB: facebook.com/ssuprssa
Twitter: @ssuprssa
Instagram: @ssuprssa


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