Five Brands Leaping into Election Day

By Amanda Hayes, Managing Editor

With Election Day less than a month away, it is hard not to have candidates and political parties come up in your daily discussion. However, what I found interesting is how many brands are actually using Election Day 2016 to market their own brand. Countless brands have been seen utilizing the upcoming big vote across various social media platforms. That being said, I decided to compile a list of the top five brands that I think used Election Day for their own gain in their own marketing strategies.

  1. Budweiser


Since Budweiser is known for its patriotic advertisements, it is no shock that they have decided to incorporate the upcoming big day into their own promotions. The company launched the “America is in Your Hands” campaign which will be in accordance with the presidential election. This will include designs on the cans such as including “US” on the logo’s crest and new creative ways to label their products. In addition to that, the company then launched the “Bud Light Party” with famous celebrities including Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer.  The main idea of the campaign is that even though everyone is disagreeing on a wide variety of issues especially during the time of the election, but the one thing everyone can agree on is cracking open a cold Bud Light. This campaign follows a “campaign trail” with parties in various cities with famous artists performing at each location. This is definitely a great way for the brand to play on their patriotic image that they have built within their company.



It is hard to miss the many advertisements featuring Captain Obvious, the spokesman for the company In the new launch of campaigns it features Captain Obvious in the literal sense “running” for president. Captain Obvious is shown in each advertisement running on a campaign trail through every state, and running in the literal sense at that. The commercial shows the hotel he stays at and talks about the convenience to search for other hotels to stay at. has also taken to Twitter by creating an account for their spokesman. Captain Obvious is already well-established on Twitter and will continue to be tweeting comedic tweets about the upcoming election. This humorous approach to incorporating the election is different and seems to be working for the brand.

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is another company utilizing the upcoming Election Day by encouraging people to buy their products. Pizza Hut has a very active Twitter account and in addition to tweeting on game days and promoting special new features, they also are making sure to Tweet and reach out to their followers about the election. For example, Pizza Hut tweeted on the day of the first presidential debate encouraging their followers to pre-order their pizza to have during watching the debate. This included a picture of an employee wearing a shirt that had the shape of a pizza with the American flag inside. Following that, Pizza Hut tweeted again playing on the fact of picking someone to vote for by saying “Pick your side, America” and having fans choose between meat or veggie pizza. The creative spin on voting and reaching out to America proved to be an effective strategy for the company.

  1. Jet Blue


Jet Blue has been known to have extensive campaigns in past elections, for example creating a JetBlue Election Protection website which asked voters to choose where they would like to be shipped off too if the person that they don’t want to win became president. Following that, Jet Blue stepped it up with the famous public relations campaign of “Reach Across the Aisle” where they made a video illustrating a real live experience they had for the members of a flight. The purpose of the campaign was to have 150 members on a plane agree on any destination to fly to, but with the catch that they all had to agree on one place. The point of this was to relate back to the election and show how all of America has to unify to reach one decision. Jet Blue even reassures that they will be able to watch the debate while in the air by having free WiFi to stream it for all of their customers. Jet Blue does a great job of building and maintaining relationships with their customers and being able to relate their brand to upcoming events.

  1. Spotify


Last but not least, Spotify has a great way of incorporating current events into their brand. As one of the largest music streamers they are constantly making efforts to stay current and one step of their competitors such as Pandora. In relation to the campaign, the brand added a whole new genre to the list of genres on their browse page titled “Election 2016.” In this category, Spotify has created several playlists that all have themes in connection to the election. The first is titled “Stay Woke” and this playlist contains a memorial of songs for many of the high-profile deaths including songs such as songs in tribute to Patrick Dorismond and Rodney King. The next playlist titled “Rock Your Rights” contains songs with an aggressive tone hoping to get people to seek action even with songs such as “American Idiot” by Green Day. The last playlist created by Spotify concerning the election is “The Election Mix” which has songs that play on voting concepts such as “Under Pressure,” “Revolution” and even “Imagine.” I think that this is a very effective strategy because even though it is not directly linked to the election, it effortlessly shows that Spotify is current and edgy in their approach to current world issues.


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