New Year, Less Discrimination



By: Amanda Hayes, Managing Editor

It is a common concerned conversation regarding advertisements that focus on shaming women for their body or even just by reinforcing negative stereotypes. However, until 2016 there had been a glaring lack of conversation about another issue in advertising concerning the male population.

This is the fact that it is often just accepted that many advertisements focus on “disposing of husbands” and violence that is meant to be humorous. Action will be taken in 2017 following a new ruling from the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB). This action officially started rolling following an advertisement from Allpest, which was banned for the premise of a woman requesting the exterminator to remove her husband as the pest.

CEO Fiona Jolly addressed the issue stating “the issue of how men are represented in ads has been a growing issue for the community. Often, husbands or boyfriends are portrayed as less capable as their partner, and we’ve seen the complaints against this portrayal has been increasing over the last few years.”

This is an interesting perspective. As the community is working together to create love and end hate for all genders, it is important to notice that just because something is the norm doesn’t mean that it is okay. This consistent message of violence and persistence that men are a “nuisance” and “uncapable” is just as much of an issue that is often rolled off simply to a light joke in advertising campaigns. However, this will change in 2017.

This came about from a reflection of the past year’s advertisements that have gone awry. This is relating to the issue that “what we can see from this list is that the community is concerned about discrimination across a range of categories, including gender, race and lifestyle choices,” Jolly stated.

This leads to some internal reflection. As the country struggles to stay united, it is more important than ever to focus on being accepting of all genders, races and lifestyle choices. Advertisements are so engraved subconsciously into our minds that removing these stereotypes and reevaluating campaigns may prove to have positive results.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this push is necessary, and if so, do you think results will come out of this revolution? Leave your comments below!



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