The Real Stars of the Super Bowl

By Managing Editor, Amanda Hayes


As talk of the most historic Super Bowl win in history winds down, (I may be a little biased, GO PATS!) and chatter of Lady Gaga’s iconic performance subside, there really only is one thing left to talk about. Something that all of us advertising junkies anticipate every year as our own Super Bowl. The advertisements from the pre-game, to half-time, and even after, are worth millions of dollars and high-esteem. Companies battle for the buzz the next day of those discussing their favorite commercials, all hoping that their brand is a topic of conversation. Advertisements this year were very strategically placed, many focusing on social issues at a time where we all need to unify.

However, I ranked my favorite top five advertisements based upon several criteria. My scoring is based on the categories of:

  1. Brand Presence
  2. Emotional Appeal
  3. Impact
  4. Timeliness

Here we go!



This advertisement was for Google Home which is the new voice-activated speaker and assistant. The advertisement focused on how this device is helpful in all families over the country, emphasizing diversity in families and how it helps bring people together. This short advertisement had a great deal of brand presence, as every family member asked Google to solve their problems. In addition to that, it was also able to create a strong emotional appeal of nostalgia by adhering to timeliness. This advertisement focused on the importance of diversity in our country and how we are all bonded together by this device and family. For me, this advertisement had a huge impact.



This 60-second-advertisement focuses on the American dream and how it came from immigrants who came to this country to create the beer that is a staple of the American culture. The advertisement demonstrates Adolphus Busch’s journey to America to create Budweiser. This was one of my favorites because of the combination of brand presence and impact. This reiterates the American dream was built on people coming into this country with different cultures and ideas and during this time is a crucial thing to remember. This also brings an emotional appeal as we reflect on how we all are one country with many different identities and need to stand together especially now. Budweiser is such a part of the American dream and this advertisement was a great way to remember its roots.



This advertisement goes on the premise of how far a family would go to get out of their contract with Verizon, showing them push a car off a cliff to fake their own death. This is countered when they are told they can switch to Sprint for much better deals, and less hassle. I liked this advertisement a lot because of its humor. The brand presence was there, even by calling out its competitor. Although it did not have a long-lasting impact like some of the more nostalgic advertisements, it did bring humor to the table. This advertisement is also timely because Sprint is boasting that they do not have long contracts required, which is currently causing problems for many Verizon customers. This advertisement seemed to be effortless, but had enough elements to clearly send its message.


Mr. Clean.

How can we not talk about this commercial? For me, this advertisement put a fun spin on their brand and brought a great deal of humor to a seemingly not exciting cleaning product. As Mr. Clean dances around cleaning, there was a great deal of buzz generated from this light-hearted commercial, which makes me think it made quite an impact and gave everyone something to talk about.


Tiffany & CO.

This was one of my favorite advertisements because it was truly reflective of the brand’s elegant presence. This commercial was simple, set in black and white with Lady Gaga talking about how this brand has positively impacted her life. To me, this advertisement had all the most important components of an advertisement to leave a lasting effect. The brand presence, by simply talking about the brand and keeping up with the classy and elegant nature seemed effortless and achievable. This was extremely good timing as they chose Lady Gaga to speak who performed the Superbowl halftime performance. This also had the emotional appeal of describing an emotion that most Tiffany lovers have, the joy and admiration when walking into their famous store. I think this advertisement was greatly executed and one of my favorites.


Those are my top five favorite ads from this year’s Superbowl! What are your thoughts? Any you think should have made the list instead? Let me know what advertisement you think was a touchdown this Superbowl season.


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